Housing as a Human Right

Labour Hub

By Liz Davies

At last week’s Labour Party Conference, Lisa Nandy, Shadow Secretary of State for Levelling Up, etc., press-released her speech with, “Housing isn’t a market. It’s a fundamental human right.”

She promised to “mend the deliberate vandalism of our social housing stock”, “restore social housing to the second largest form of tenure” (after owner-occupation, so eclipsing the private rented sector), “rebuild our social housing stock and bring homes back into the ownership of local council and communities”, “with home ownership opened up to millions more” and “for private renters… a powerful new renters charter and a new decent homes standard.”

The National Policy Forum’s document presented to Conference was A Future where Families Come First (although as someone who lives in a non-traditional ‘family’, I really object to the idea that ‘families come first’: does that mean single people come second?). It says: “The commission believes that we…

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